Yves Saint Laurent Cuirs Fétiches Collection for Fall 2014

As rock as a leather biker jacket,as fetish as a pair of black patent stilettos,YSL Beauté introduces the Cuirs Fétiches make-up collection for Fall 2014. Rock, chic, subversive. A material that is both noble in origin and couture in attitude. The very essence of the House of Yves Saint Laurent, leather creates that “skin-on-skin” effect that is madly sensual and highly addictive, making each garment or accessory- bag, skinny jeans or biker jacket- a must-have item the Yves Saint Laurent woman just can’t resist.  Lloyd Simmonds drew on his fascination with leather, from the most precious to the most rebellious, to create a sensual, electrically charged make-up collection. A juxtaposition of luxurious textures and opulent, subtly luminous shades with couture contrasts, the result is wearable, colour to the extreme.

Burnished tones, from deepest black to shiny bronze, combined with the varnished, glossy sheen or patent leather, perfectly express the tension between matte and lacquered; the contrast between natural nudes and intense reds; and are as easily wearable as a second skin, inspired by suede, nappa and the untanned roughness of shagreen.  For Fall 2014, the Yves Saint Laurent woman flirts with danger. Always chic, but with a rock-star edge invoking freedom and sensuality, she adores leather in all it’s versions.

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