This Year’s Beautiful Accessories for Tech-Savvy Women

Over the past several years, we have all become extremely dependent on our high-tech devices. We carry these tech items with us everywhere we go. But that doesn’t mean that we want to trade our fashion and style for functionality; as women, we want to have both. So here are this year’s beautiful accessories for tech-savvy women who love fashion.

White headphones, gadgets for womenCharging Purses

One of the biggest challenges you likely face with carrying smartphones, tablets, and other electronics around with you is keeping them charged. Sure, you can carry charging cables and hope to find an available outlet, but there is nothing chic about sitting in a coffee shop with cords entangling you. Instead, check out charging purses. Many designers are now putting out bags in different styles, shapes, and colors that have a built-in wireless charger. Just plug your devices into your purse, and off you go charging in style.


Wearable Tech

When health monitors and smart watches first hit the market, they weren’t necessarily something the fashion-conscious woman would want to wear. However, today with smart watches such as the iWatch you can buy the smaller size and swap out the band for something that fits your style. Pair your iWatch with an Apple iPhone SE, and you are not only trendy and fashionable but also high-tech. When you’re on a reliable and fast network like T-Mobile, you and your smart watch will always be connected.


Smart Jewelry

Along the same lines as watches, you can also find jewelry that now syncs with your smartphone. Jewelry designers know how much women love wearing bling, and they are now incorporating technology into those beautiful items. In addition to smart watches, rings and bracelets now come with features that allow you to track your exercise and sleep, and they can even notify you when you receive a call or text.


On the Go Cord

How many times have you dug around in your purse just to realize that you have every charging cord except the one you need?  Now with the fashion-friendly Powerpuff Keychain, you have every charging cable you need all wrapped up into a furry keychain. Until you decide to flip out one of your charging connectors, everyone will just think you have a cute keychain.


Instant Printing Camera

Polaroid pictures used to be a thing of the past, but they are making a comeback with the instant-printing camera. Sure, it is easy to whip out your phone and snap a photo, but how many of those pictures do you actually print? Now with Fuji, Polaroid, and other camera manufacturers, you can find small, cute, cameras that easily fit in your purse, and they not only take pictures but print them moments later.


Clutch Speaker

A clutch speaker is a must-have! Although portable Bluetooth speakers have been around for a while now, they used to tend to cater to men’s styles. However, the clutch speaker combines the aesthetic preferences of a woman with the need to listen to music on the spot. No longer do you have to whip out your smartphone and hope the speaker sounds decent. Instead, just set down your clutch and let the music roar.


Virtual Voice Assistant

If you have used any Apple device in the last few years, you are most likely familiar with Siri. Siri is Apple’s voice assistant that helps customers with just about anything they ask. But, if you aren’t an Apple user or you just wish you had a virtual assistant away from your Apple products, you should consider getting a virtual voice assistant like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Both of these home accessories allows you to simply begin speaking, ask a question, or give directions. You will quickly have answers without going to your computer. You can even ask it to create tasks, to-do lists, shopping lists, or just about anything you would want an assistant to do for you.


As you can see, there is no reason why you should have to give up your fashion style for tech gadgets. Instead, swap out some of your less stylish accessories for some of these and return to feeling chic again.


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