Do you Listen to Music When You Workout?

Let me start off by saying that I despise wires and have been looking for the perfect pair of wireless headphones on sale I have way too many of them around at any given time. Part of the reason behind that is the fact that I keep losing my Bluetooth headset, and the other part is that I really like my JBL wired headphones. The sound quality is great, and it has  volume control. Granted that they are 3 years old, but aside from that, what else do you really want?

Now at first glance you wouldn’t see a problem with the situation above. I didn’t either.

Side note: I used to play soccer 2-3 times a week; that was my exercise. I had to stop doing that when I switched jobs since I was home 1-2 days a weeks at the most.  This naturally led me to put on a few pounds, which led to explore the gyms at the various hotels that I stay would at. Long story short, there are some really strange people who like to start conversations with you at the gym, and if you have your headphones, they give up. So you can guess why my headphones became part of my gym routine.

As much as I love them, wires are a nuisance when you’re trying to work out, and I ended up spending more time fixing my headphones, than on the weight machines. Did you know:

·         Headphone Headaches: Those who exercise and own headphones say their workout has actually been ruined by uncomfortable headphones (24%) or ear buds that fall out (47%).

·         Music Motivation:  A majority of men consider the most important feature in headphones to be sound quality (59%), while women care most about comfort (46%).

·         Mid-Workout Moans: 19% of Americans who exercise say a workout has been ruined by forgetting a water bottle and 39% by uncomfortable shoes. And remember when your size-too-big-socks scrunched under your heel? 22% said uncomfortable workout clothes have ended motivation at the gym.

Yeah, I part of the first group. I need COMFORTABLE headphones, so when Motorola reached out and offered me the chance to try out S11-FLEX HD Wireless Stereo Headphones, I jumped at it.

Motorola’s S11-FLEX HD Wireless Stereo Headphones with Bluetooth

I normally don’t write entire posts reviewing products, but this sucker has working out fun. Besides being sweat proof, adjustable and having amazing audio, it can charge up for 1 hour in only 5 mins. Yes, you read that right. I’m in love with it so much that I was bragging to my brother about it to the point where he decided to ‘borrow’ it from me and has been using during his workouts for the last 3 days.

If you’re in the market for a new headset, and want something that deliver great audio for music and calls, and is wireless, I would certainly recommend this one.


  1. Those look kinda fun. My spouse got those noise canceling ones, which are pretty neat but huge. I definitely like music when I’m working out, but I’m not 100% fixated on having it. More of my exercise is sports activity based now, so I never really get around to it. I would for biking, but it’s not as safe when you can’t hear vehicles and animals, so I don’t.

  2. I have these and they are great! They charge quickly and the charge lasts quite long. The range is amazing! The only thing I hate is that there’s no case for them 🙁 I accidently put my work bag on top of the and the cracked at the top :'( they still work but the fit is loose. I am bummed. I really nees another set but I don t want to get them again if I don’t find a case for them. They are a pretty penny and it would bite if they cracked again.

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