Plan a Last Minute Weekend Getaway with Hotel Tonight

There is never enough time during the week to do what you want to get done. We get sucked into the world of work during the week, and barely have time to plan anything exciting for the weekend. Luckily there’s a way to get away for the weekend without having to spend a ton of time planning or looking for hotels. Now I realize that this may sound too good to be true, but trust me- it’s totally possible. Granted you do have to do a tiny bit of work pulling your to-go bag together, but once you do that and have it set aside, then you never have to think about it again!




Enter Hotel Tonight.

This is probably one of our favourite tools/apps out there. Hotel Tonight essentially lets you book at a hotel at the lowest guaranteed rate last minute. It’s a win-win for you and the hotel as they get to fill up unsold rooms, and you get to a discount on some of the best hotels in the city. We love the fact that you can book for up to 5 nights.  Hotel Tonight is one of the few apps out there that actually vets every hotel that they partner with. They also take all the hotel images on their site.

The user interface is extremely easy to use, and you can book a hotel in a few seconds, and perhaps it should be since it is mobile based model with no option to book online.

Some of the hotels listed on the app in Toronto include Trump Toronto, The Beverley, Thompson Hotel, and many more.


So if you’re an impulsive traveller like we are, but don’t want to settle on the level of luxury that you’re used to, or want to see how far your budget can take you, then Hotel Tonight is for you. The app is currently available in 16  countries, including 12 cities in Canada.



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