What To Wear: Shoes for a Beach Wedding

Let’s face it- shopping for shoes for a beach wedding can get a little hard when you try to balance dressing up, and walking on sand for long periods of time. Our options are suddenly limited to sandals- either flats or wedges, as attempting to walk in heels on the beach is asking for trouble. Chances are that you know exactly what we’re talking about. Having had friends opt in for destination weddings the last 4 years, we’ve figured out a system that works.

The key here is not over-pack, and pick shoes/sandals that you can dress up and down, and ones that you can wear when you get back home. We’ve helped you out by pulling our top 5 shoes that you can wear to the next beach wedding.


Gold sandals for beach wedding, Shoes for a Beach WeddingEveryone loves a bit of gold in their lives. Not only are these sandals super comfy but they are sand friendly as well. You can just easily want into a shower with these babies and they come out good as new.

Metallic Reptile Sandal $19.99






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