WaySpa Brings SpaWeek Back

What’s better than a day at the spa? It’s an entire week at the spa! Well, not really, but it could actually be your reality as WaySpa has partnered with numerous spas in 4 different provinces to bring you Spa Week from April 21st-27th.

Want a mani-pedi? An hour long massage? How about a microdermabrasion or a photofacial? You can try all of these services in one week! The best part? There is no limit to how many spa you get to try out! Talk about being pampered.

canada's Spa Week, Spa Week by Way Spa

Similar to Spa Week in the States, Spa Week by WaySpa is a bi-annual event that brings your a number of great spa treatment for a set price of $50. Each spa picks 2-3 different treatments that you can try out. It’s a great way to have check out a spa that you hadn’t visited before, and you get to do for $50!

Taking part is easy. Head to WaySpa.com, pick your province and city and browse away!





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