Wardrobe Basics: Black pumps

As someone who’s worked in a few offices in her life, I can tell you that most people focus on the wrong things when they get dressed in the morning. This series will help you assemble a top-notch wardrobe without needing to own 100s of articles of clothing (a minimalist’s nightmare if there ever was one!)

Black Pumps

Black pumps are a girl’s best friend. There is no way to put an outfit together — whether it be jeans and a t-shirt or a full dress suit, other than a nice pair of classy black pumps. I stress the importance of class because, more often than not, people miss this tiny word and end up with a peep-toe shoe or something — this defeats the “put together” look that we’re going for ladies!

Here are some tips to remember when purchasing your classy pair of black pumps

Heel height. I would kill to own these Miu Miu shoes but, at 5’10”, a 5″ heel is pushing it a bit. I’m already taller than most men I’ve worked with — I don’t need to tower over them.

Toe. I personally hate rounded toe shoes with dress pants/jeans. When I wear a skirt or dress, I wear a rounded toe shoes. Otherwise, I stick to pointed toe shoe like these Manolo Blahniks.
Price. While I love designer shoes and would kill to have Carrie’s shoe closet, I’m generally restricted to buying my shoes at Aldo or Nine West. If the above $700+ shoes don’t fit your budget, here’s a classy black pump from Nine West.
Material. Do not buy suede shoes if there is a chance that you will have to walk outside in them. Nothing ruins nice shoes like rain. Do not buy pleather pointed shoes because the pleather always rubs off and you’re left with a scrubbed toe — not attractive at all! To be safe, I buy plain old leather shoes and shine them up before wearing them

Colour. Do not buy black pumps with colour! Yes, a pink heel or accent colours might be nice every once and awhile but what will you do when you want to wear your favourite yellow blouse? Sticking with all black ensures maximum wearability for your shoes and allows them to be worn in all seasons (pink in winter? No.)
Do not get cute. Cute shoes have no place in the workplace

Save your $950

NO STRIPES!! If you wear striped pants, you cannot wear striped shoes! The perfect black pumps can be worn with any outfit

This is a 2-for-1 of “NOT a Classic Black Pump”

Do you have any more helpful tips for purchasing a pair of classy black pumps?

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