Valentine Gift Ideas!

It’s that time of year again.

When couples feel it’s acceptable to snog each others faces off whilst in public. It’s disgusting.
Now, I’m not bitter at all. In fact I’m terribly smitten with my boyfriend, but people need to learn the boundaries when it comes to PDA.
People also need to learn to the boundaries when it comes to gifting on the ‘special’ day. You may LOVE going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, getting tons of balloons that say ‘I LOVE YOU’, and having rose petals laid out all over your bed. But I don’t. Why would you want to be sat in a small room eating food with overly loved up couples? Why would you want to look at half dead balloons a few weeks later? And WHY would you want to clean up millions of rose petals from the bedroom floor?! I do not know.

So this is for those fashionistas among you who like Valentine’s Day enough to spoil and be spoiled, but not enough to smile at ridiculously vile cliches.



Now this, is just absolutely gorgeous. I even think it’s worth buying with your own money just to show how much you love yourself.  What better way to tell yourself that you’re beautiful in the morning without makeup on or your hair done? There is no better way, girls. It can be found on Etsy via Charming Chain.



Topshop’s scuba dresses are always so flattering for any figure, so this high neck beauty is no different. And it’s RED, for LOVE. Team with a pair of velvet black heels, your fave dark nail varnish and lippy and you will look so hot you won’t even want to go out for dinner; you’ll just want to stay in and take pictures of yourself all night. And for £38 it’s such a bargain.


Stripes are very in this season, so if you want to give your man a bit of a wardrobe update, I don’t think you can do wrong with having a look in the Present London sale! This is only $30, and if he gets you the red Topshop dress, and you get him this t shirt, you’re coordinated like the Beckhams!!! CUTE!!!!



Every well dressed man needs a beautiful leather belt to complete any look. This one is from Maximum Henry and is SO worth $67 as it’s handmade and absolutely gorgeous.  You can find belts in black leather and lighter brown leather. Maximum Henry also produces handmade leather wallets which I think would make for another stylish present.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Any gift ideas in mind?




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