Unique Kate Middleton looks

As the resident Anglophile and royal watched here are Chic Darling, I feel that I get to write the first Kate Middleton (er, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) post. Catherine, of course, is the wife of Prince William the future King of England and, since announcing their engagement in November 2010, Kate’s wardrobe has been under intense scrutiny.

Here’s my absolute favourite outfit, a navy Erdem dress that she wore in Ottawa last year (photo from Kate Middleton Style Blog)

Now, Repli-Kates have been done to death so I’m going to talk about a simple, cheap and quick way to get Kate’s look.

First of all, wear navy blue. Navy is a classy, and stately colour that Kate often wears — as seen by this dress from Forever 21

Forever 21

Second of all, lace. Lace is Kate’s go-to pattern and most off-the-rack designers know this — and it’s why lace dresses have mannequins wearing nude pumps. Like this model from Reitman:


and this dress from Jacob — which I am 100% tempted to buy right now!


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