Two Apps to Help Keep Your Shoe Collection Organized

Ever gone shoe shopping and found a pair you thought was great, but found yourself second-guessing the purchase because you weren’t sure as to whether or not you already had a similar pair of shoes in your closet? Growing shoe collections can be hard to keep track of, and when you’re working with a budget, similar purchases need to be avoided. Luckily, there’s now a great way to keep your collection organized with the help of your mobile phone.

Woman wearing black leather pants and red high heel shoes in old town

The mobile app market has been on the rise for years now, and our phones are quickly on the way to becoming our preferred medium for accessing information. Annual reports released by Gaming Realms, the company that manages online bingo catalog Free Bingo Hunter, have shown that there are now 60% more people playing using mobile devices than desktop computers, proving that mobile is becoming the medium of choice. According to Statista, there are 1.5 million available apps on the Apple iTunes App store alone, with more apps being released every day.

It should come as no surprise then, that people have begun to develop apps for just about everything, including keeping track of our shoe collections. Here are two apps that you can use to keep your collection organized:

Shoe Collectors
While it offers a great list of features, the Shoe Collectors app is actually a bit expensive at $5.99. It allows users to: create a list of shoes that can be synchronized with the cloud for easy access to information, create a wishlist of items they’d want to own eventually, and sort shoes based on style, color, brand, and more. You can even “Add your person details to a shoe: Loaned To, Purchase Price, Storage Location, etc.”

Shoe Collection
On the other hand, Shoe Collection looks a bit more minimalistic, and the app’s UI could certainly be improved. However, the app is free, and it also has the same features: the ability to add photos of your shoe collection using your phone, the option to add your data to a cloud server for easy updates, as well as statistics on your collection, such as Shoes by Style, Color, Designer, or Store Purchased. The app even allows you to scan your shoes based on their barcode.



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