Travellers Rejoice! Hotel Tonight Allows You Book 7 Days in Advance!

Let’s face it, last minute travel isn’t for everyone. The thought of showing up in a city with having a place to lay their head at night causes most people anxiety, and rightfully so. The trouble with booking far in advance is that you diminish your ability to get those last minute deals that are available for the risk-takers.

Or so we thought!

Hotel Tonight discount code Enter Hotel Tonight’s new option to enable customers to book hotel rooms up to seven days in advance! 

It’s pretty much the best of both worlds! You get the last minute rate, without the heart palpitations that comes with waiting till the last minute to confirm your room.

The latest versions of the app stay true to HotelTonight’s industry-leading simplicity, while incorporating innovative new features and functionality. Whether booking in advance or on the same day, customers will still find everything they’ve come to love about HotelTonight – sleek design, bookings that take 10 seconds, incredible customer support and amazing last-minute discounts at top hotels that are personally vetted and approved by the HotelTonight team.

Hotel Tonight discount code

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in the latest version:

  • New themed “Playlists” of hotels with recommendations on when and where to book, like weekend beach getaways and hotels with great pools for Sunday Funday. These curated-by-HT lists appear contextually based on things like weather and hotel availability, and provide inspiration for last-minute adventures.
  • In-app weather forecasts to help you decide where to stay and what to pack.
  • Three taps and a swipe, 10-second booking – whether you’re booking same day or in advance of your stay.
  • Hand-picked selection of hotels in each of the 500+ available destinations. HotelTonight has done the hard work vetting all the options and presents you with only the best.
  • Guaranteed low prices. HotelTonight works directly with hotels and gets exclusively low rates, which means it can offer its customers the very best rates, guaranteed.

Want to try it out for yourself? Enter the Hotel Tonight discount code “manwar11″and get $25 on signup! 

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