Travel Guide: Two Trips in One

Travelling with friends is somewhat difficult. Or, at least it is for us. We tend to be very stubborn when it comes to activities when travelling. We travel for different reasons to different places, but the core reason is to explore different cultures, and soak  that in as much as possible. These days, however, travelling solo is not so much of an option, so we’ve learned to compromise. You know exactly what we’re talking about. There are days where you want to do nothing but lay on the beach and read, or other days where you can’t get enough of the local culture.

Let’s be honest, we all need a little break, and while laying on the beach for 7 days seems like a great idea initially,  Day 4 comes around, and we start getting antsy and want to do something a bit more stimulating.  It’s hard to decide on where to go on vacation, and what to focus on. It’s understandable as we get limited vacation time every year, and we want to make the best of it.

VTH_Duo Cancun-Merida_Merida_shutterstock_74323858

Luckily a Experience Duo Collection from Transat Holidays to Cancun, and Merida is the perfect combination for when you can’t make up your mind.  Cancun, which is known for it’s brilliant beaches and the ideal resort stay, is juxtaposed with the cultural excursions that you can get from Merida.  Yes, you get the best of bold worlds, and pretty much two vacations in one.

You can customize your trip to have a few days of relaxing on the beach and nightlife in Cancun, and a few days of exploring the culture, and archeological sites like the Mayan ruins in Merida.

Not only do you stretch your dollar further by experiencing two different holidays in one, but you get to do everything that your travel group wanted to do without having to compromise. We’re all for being able to party with the locals, and having the amenities of the resort at the same time. Who wouldn’t like that?

We fell in love with the idea instantly as it allowed us to make everyone happy at the same time( which is really hard these days). Transat Holidays has truly found a way to help avoid those arguments that are all too common when travelling.

This is a sponsored post by Transat Holidays. 



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