Travel Guide: Vegas Love

Ah Vegas, we love thee!

There is so much to be said about Vegas-the nightlife, the weather, and the poker. Yes, the poker. Vegas, as you might know, is already known for its casinos.

While most females tend to shy away from the casinos and choose to spend most of their time by pool, those of us who love trying our luck find our way to the slots, and trying our hand on the poker tables. The beauty of poker is that you have control over how much you want to bet by what table you choose to sit at. Regardless of where you sit, playing and winning at poker is half luck, and half strategy. And Vegas is the best place to be in the middle of the excitement. You see, Vegas has some of the best great poker rooms you must try in North America.

Here are four of our favorites:


 The Bellagio:  there is a reason why there are movies made about this casino. You will see some for the biggest names playing there on any given night, and the limits are pretty much non-existent at most tables.

Highly suggest going here for the atmosphere- especially if it’s your first time going to Vegas.

 MGM Grand: This is where all of the pageants take place, and where the majority of the big events happen so it’s natural to not think of the MGM Grand as a casino. It is, however, one of the best casinos in the world.  The great thing about the MGM Grand is that you have people of all skills and abilities playing here.

Ceasar’s: It’s hard to find non-smoking poker rooms in Vegas, and Ceaser’s is one of the biggest and best ones. The poker room here is huge, but you can wander in the different rooms set up for different games.  It’s a really great way to spend an evening with girlfriends.

 The Venetian: This is one of the best places to play poker. The poker rooms are big, and so are the tables, so you don’t feel stuffed, and like Ceaser’s, you get all sorts of people with different skill sets playing poker so you don’t get the feeling that you’re being taken by pros.

We promise, poker isn’t that hard, and you can practice online before you head if you’re not feeling confident So the next time you think of heading to Vegas for a bachelorette party with your girl friends, don’t just think of the parties, and the pools, but head into the casinos, and try to your luck that the poker tables. There is a reason why people fly from all over the world to spend time here!.


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