Travel Guide: How to Shop Like A Local in Mexico

Mexico is more than just resorts and beaches. The country is breath-taking, and the only way you get to learn more is to explore the grounds outside the resorts. One of the best ways to explore Mexico is the Cancun and Merida duo holidays as it allows you to have the best of both worlds- culture and beaches. Now, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to hit up the shopping district to get a real sense of the local culture, get your hands on some really fantastic and authentic finds.  We love pretty much all of the Mexican markets, and we always make time to check them out. They are full of colour, life, and great deals!




However, if you’ve never really gone shopping in a different country before,  and don’t know where to start, we’ve put together a list to make it easier to get started.

1) Avoid going to the “Tourist Markets” if you can. Hunt down where the locals shop. Not only will you get authentic products, but you’ll save money. We tend to ask the locals where stores for specific products are. This gives you the chance to look around to see what the staples like tequila, and jewelry go for.

2) Always pay cash. Cash is your friend. Try having local currency on you if you can. Having US or Canadian money pretty much screams tourist from the onset, and prices tend to quadruple instantly. Have small bills on you. You don’t want to be stuck carrying around $100’s if you can help it.

3) Don’t be afraid to low-ball things. This handy when you don’t see a price tag on anything. We’ve discovered that there are two different prices at most vendors- the local price, and the tourist price. You should aim to get as close to the local price as you can.

4) Know your math. Having a basic understanding of what $1 gets you will help you decide if something is worth it or not. Remember it may seem like a bargain, but check the quality!

5) Be smart. You’re not going to get a $1000 piece of jewelry at a street vendor for $$7. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Gold and silver prices are pretty much standard around the world.

6) When all else fails, just walk away. You’d be surprised at how quickly the vendors will drop their prices.



This is a sponsored post on behalf of Transat Holidays.


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