Travel Guide: Things to Do in Dubai in 4 Days

It’s rare to meet anyone doesn’t have Dubai on their travel bucket list. It’s just that kind of city. Situated in the middle of the desert, it’s built like an oasis of everything glamorous and luxurious. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first get into town. The building, and tours, The Palm Atlantis are all screaming your name, and it can it seem like it is a lot to take with so many things to do in Dubai in a short amount of time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together an itinerary that will not only help you get the most of our time in Dubai, but will leave you tanned, and accomplished.

Burj Khalifa, Le Chateau in Dubai

How to get there:

Our partners at Turkish Airlines offer daily flights to Dubai with a stop over in Istanbul.  Turkish Airlines is our airline of choice, not only because of their impeccable customer services, or the fact that they serve Turkish delight, but because they make the 20 hour flight comfortable.

What to wear: 

While most of the city is filled with tourist, it’s good to be dress slightly more modestly when wandering local areas. Most of the women here still wear hijabs, and if nothing, but out of respect. That being said, you can find your entire wardrobe at Le Chateau– like we did. The corporate attire is virtually identical, and so if the causal attire. In fact, we were mistaken for being local numerous times. And don’t worry if you happen to forget anything- the Le Chateau store in Dubai is pretty much identical to the one at home, and you can easily pick up what you need.

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Things to do in Dubai:

There is so much to do and see in Dubai so it really depends on what your interests are, but if you want a 360 view of what the city has to offer, then follow the agenda below.

Day 1

The Palm Atlantis: Let’s face it. This is where you want to be, and regardless of how comfortable your flight was, a day by the pool, and in the water park is pretty much all you need. Start with breakfast at the The Palm Atlantis and see where the day takes you. There are a ton of activities at The Palm to keep you busy all day, and night.


Day 2

Start Day 2 with a little culture, and head to the Gold Souks. There are tons of other Souks as well if you ‘re looking anything other than gold. Keep in mind that the gold prices in Dubai are cheaper than most places in the world, and are regular by the government so while we’re all for flexing your bathering muscles, the Gold Souks isn’t one of the best to test them.

We would also recommend eating lunch at one of the Souks to get a feel of the local culture. You’ll be hard pressed to find any pork in the Islamic country, but you’re still for a treat. While it may not on everyone’s things to do in Dubai, we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Those of us who consider ourselves foodies, be sure to head out to  Al Dhiyafah Road, Dubai’s cheap-eats street. This is where you will find not only cheap prices, but authentic  Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, and Lebanese creations that will leave your mouth watering at the currys, tandoors, and that best succulent lamb that you’ve ever tasted. Most restaurants don’t serve alcohol, but you can get a meal for 2 for around $30- which is  treat all in itself.


After spending the morning the morning getting your fill of the local markets, head out and relax the rest of the day at Jumeirah Open Beach. This beach offers showers and changing facilities and there are refreshments for sale. As an added bonus, you get to see the Burj Al Arab sitting alone its own private island.

things to do in Dubai

Day 3

Start the morning at he Souk Madinat inside the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel. Not only does it have  its own waterway to transfer people from its stores, bars and restaurants to the neighboring clutch of hotels, but it’s also one the prettiest places you’ll see. It really doesn’t feel like Dubai at all.

Grab lunch at any one of the cafes at Madinat Jumeirah Hotel before heading out to the rest of your adventure.

Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Le Chateau In Dubai, things to do in Dubai

One of the best experiences in Dubai is the overnight desert safari, and must be on your list of things to do in Dubai. This normally goes from 4PM to 9AM the next morning and includes dune bashing, BBQ dinner, belly dancing, sand ski, shisha all while staying overnight at the camp.

Day 4

The best way to end your day trip to Dubai is spending it indoors at The Dubai Mall, and its 1200 stores. It also has an aquarium, a ski hill, as well as waterfall, incase your eyes need a break from shopping. This, without a doubt, is the best things to do in Dubai. You can easily spend 4 days in the Dubai mall alone.

Cafe Vogue Dubai, Le Chateau in Dubai, The Dubai Mall, things to do in Dubai

We recommend getting lunch or an early dinner at Vogue Cafe, and heading out to Burj Khalifa an hour sunset to be able to see the city during the day and at night. It will take anywhere from 45-60 to get up the tower.

Burj Khalifa, Le Chateau in DubaiBurj Khalifa, Le Chateau in Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Le Chateau in DubaiNote: We suggest you purchase your ticket for the Burj Khalifa in advance online to save money.



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