Toronto Fashion Week ( Chloe Comme Parris, Bustle)

Well, its Spring already! Lets ignore the fact that there is 6 inches of snow outside, and I may have possibly ruined my favorite suede shoes, and focus on the fact that city’s (country’s) best and most fashionable assemble in Toronto and Vancouver for Fashion Week. While Sarah is attending shows in Vancouver, I am taking in the festivities in Toronto.

Day 1  Chloe Comme Parris,  and Bustle. The best thing I can saw about the night was that I feel ready for next fall.

Chloe Comme Parris

The over-sized knit sweaters mixed with mini dresses showcased the various types of fabrics. This collection has a distinct  90’s Grunge look, but certainly a lot more polished. The single messy side-braid, and the dark lipstick juxtaposed with velvet and silk loose fits tops surprisingly created a very cohesive look. The best part about the looks were that pieces are easily assimilated in your everyday wardrobe. I mean where else can you find a gorgeous leather mini skirt paired with a slightly too big cashmere sweater? The loud rock music was a fitting component to the show as it showcased 90’s angst in a contemporary way.


Chloe Comme Parris Fall 2013

Chloe Comme Parris Toronto Fashion Week 2013

Chloe Comme Parris Toronto Fashion Week 2013


The shot of Big Ben and lampposts at the onset of the show made the London references really apparent, and set the right tone for the show. The collections was brimming with patterns; mixed and matched ones at all. The line brings a much needed touch of colour and pattern to menswear, while allowing the pieces to be wearable individually.  The husband and wife duo have a knack for combining and contrasting patterns and textures.The world would be a much brighter place if red and black polka-dot suits and loose fitted pattern jeans were part of daily menswear. But fear not, men who are little gun shy about colour and pattern, the collection did showcase traditional pieces such as trench coats, and denim jackets as well.

Bustle Toronto Fashion Fall 2013 Bustle Toronto Fashion Fall 2013 Bustle Toronto Fashion Week 2013

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