4 Things To Do To Break up Your Week.

Not sure about you, but wednesdays and us don’t get along very well. It seems to be the longest day of the week, and takes forever. We wanted to show you a few things that you can do to break up the week and make the week go by faster. Bonus: these ideas all help to create a little escape from the 9-5 grind.

Go to the movies

Go to a movie. Not only are movies cheaper during the week, but it also gives you a chance to see whats out without having to deal with the crowded theatre on the weekends. We love week night movie dates.

Tomato and feta salad


Try a new recipe. We know, you’re tired and cooking something that you don’t know seems like a pain, but trust me, making something light in the summer heat feels like a huge accomplishment (and tastes that much better, too).

Dream Vacation - Santorini

Plan a top 10 vacation list. Nothing helps you escape the weekly grind more than knowing that you have a list of AMAZING getaways coming up.

bright eye makeup

Try a new makeup technique. The first time we wore red lipstick was on a tuesday night. Less pressure to look fab which gives you that much more confidence when you wear your polished look on the weekend.



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