9 Reasons to visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria is quickly becoming one of the most visited destinations in Europe. The country is filled with both historical and beautiful sites surrounded by the Black Sea Coastline and the wooded mountains of the interior.  Because Bulgaria hasn’t yet become the tourist hot-spot, it’s not hard to believe that some have no idea what to do in Bulgaria, and all the wonderful things to see in Bulgaria. So for those who’re looking for a vacation or last-minute-holidays that will offer opportunities for both an exploration and an opportunity to relax and take in new wondrous sites, here are nine of the best things to do in Bulgaria.
Reasons to visit Bulgaria

Things to Do in Bulgaria

1. Aleksander Nevski Church

Built for and dedicated to some 200,000 Russian soldiers who died fighting for Bulgaria’s independence during the Russo-Turkish War of the late 19th century, the Aleksander Nevski is not just an outstanding architectural feat but is also one of the most important modern sites in the country.

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2. Rila Monastery

If you’re still looking for things to do in Bulgaria, then look no further than his gem. Situated in a forest of the Rila Valley, the Rila Monastery was originally founded in 927AD, and today it remains a popular destination for both for pilgrims and tourists both local and foreign.

Rila Monastery, Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

3. Mitko Manalev Winery

A relatively informal type of place for some wine tasting, this cellar sits within the rock wall of the valley and features great views of Bolyaskata Kâshta ruins as well as the Kordopulov House.

4. Plovdiv

With a 2nd century AD Roman Amphitheatre, museums, galleries, and atmospheric cobbled streets, this city is one that is great to explore by foot. The city is one of the wealthiest and most aesthetically pleasing in Bulgaria, featuring Roman, Thracian, and Byzantine ruins.

Plovdiv, Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

5. Tsarevets Fortress

Once the seat of the region’s medieval tsars, Tsarevets Hill and its fortress are symbolic of the region, which holds the remains of some 400 houses and 18 churches.

Tsarevets Fortress, Reasons to Visit Bulgaria, what to see in Bulgaria

6. Kaleto Fortress

Sitting at the foot of a craggy hill, this fortress is an awe-inspiring scene that was built by the Romans and then later added onto during the Byzantine Empire.

Kaleto Fortress, What to do in Bulgaria, Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

7. The Beaches

If you’re going to Bulgaria, a visit to the Black Sea Coast is a must, as the area features some of the most astounding beaches you will find in Europe.

Reasons to visit Bulgaria

8. Royal Palace

Another one of Sofia’s major landmarks, the Royal Palace was once the centre for the Ottoman police force—it currently houses the National Art Gallery and the Ethnographical Museum.

Royal Palace Bulgaria, Reasons to Visit Bulgaria, Things to Do in Bulgaria

9. Skiing

The mountains of Bulgaria can quite often be overlooked for the impressive beaches, but with large snowfall and consistent weather, they are in fact amongst the  best places to ski east of Alps.

Skiing Bulgaria, Things to do in Bulgaria, Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

However you decide to spend your time exploring Bulgaria, you will be certain to find something special you’ve never encountered before.

Images by  Dennis Jarvis and  Greger Ravik used under the Creative Commons License.


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