Montenegro: The Most Under-Rated Travel Destination

Back in early April, while snow and cold were sweeping through Canada, I was fortunate enough to be in what I consider to be, absolutely, the most beautiful country that I’ve ever been too — Montenegro.

Montenegro is a relatively new country (it broke off of Serbia in 2006) on the Adriatic Sea that uses the euro. The main language is Montenegrin but English is (thankfully!) wide spoken.


A lot of people balk at visiting the Balkans (I love puns) because of the perception that the area is poor or still suffering from the effects of the Yugoslav Wars. The reality is that Montenegro has a tourist industry that is rapidly growing due to its beaches and beautiful mountain ranges of black rock.

I visited two coastal towns, Budva and Kotor. Budva is known as a “Russian Playground” and there are Russian billionaires and yachts galore! The downtown area has free wifi and there’s a walled city that takes you back to the Middle Ages


Kotor is the most tourist-y town in Montenegro and has a reputation as being a party town. The main tourist attractions are, again, a walled city, a castle 1350 steps up a steep mountain (seriously, it’s QUITE a work-out) and the amazing colour of the water.


In terms of price, Montenegro is one of the cheapest countries that I’ve visited. Plates of food can be had for a few dollars, accommodation prices are low and, as in most Eastern European countries, the price of travel is ridiculously low.



  1. I went to Bosnia and Croatia last summer, and completely agree with you! The plane ride may be a bit pricey, but once you’re there, there is so much to see and it’s gorgeous and SO affordable! Looking forward to visiting again:-)

  2. I made a new friend this year who is from Montenegro. She is home now visiting family and visiting a fertility clinic. She says her medical expenses are so much cheaper there. After seeing your pictures I want to visit too.

  3. Loved to have read this. I’ll be there the end of this month and was kind of doubting myself as far as being the right detination. I’m sure I’ll be plesantly surprised.

  4. The good thing about it is that at least it’s not as crowded as Croatia and it’s cheaper :). I’ve been to Montenegro a few times and I’m already planning to buy one of Montenegro villas. It’s going to be a smaller villa, to fit my budget, but it’ll be like I’m in paradise. I especially love Kotor, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, for sure.

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