Stylicity Hones In on The Canadian Tuxedo

Denim-on-denim or the  “Canadian Tuxedo” is something that us Canadian’s hold dear.  Though originally a poke at our style sense, the look’s recent popularity suggests that maybe Canadians were simply ahead of the times. But sometimes even a classic needs updating, and as World MasterCard Fashion Week kicks off in Toronto, MasterCard Canada announced it is launching a contest challenging Canadians to update the Canadian Tuxedo.  Let’s face it. You’re going to be out shopping anyway.

 Mastercard Stylicity


What is Stylicity?

Stylicity is the official retail program for World MasterCard Fashion Week,  and is made up  of a network of local and national retailers such as, M for Mendocinom0851 and Philip, as well as spas and restaurants in Toronto presenting unique offers and experiences to MasterCard cardholders. The offers are available in store or online.


How long does it run for?

Stylicity runs from October 18 – November 3, 2013.


What is the The Show us Your Canadian Tuxedo contest?

The Show us Your Canadian Tuxedo contest invites Canadians to show off their fashion flare by posting a picture of their updated version of the Canadian Tuxedo to Twitter or Instagram. Photos will be collected and displayed on the MasterCard Stylicity website. A grand prize of one $2,000 MasterCard Prepaid Card will be awarded to one fashionable Canadian. 


 Contest Details:

The Show us Your Canadian Tuxedo contest runs from October 18 – November 3, 2013.



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