Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2013 Presentation

So my first idea when putting together this article was just to post loads of pictures of Stella McCartney’s presentation, and then a picture of me crying with joy. But then I thought I should probably write something or I’d get told off.
I will try and make this not at all fan girl-y. I will try my hardest.

This glorious presentation was for the fashionistas of New York only (not cool Stella), including the famous faces of Jeff Koons, David Neville, and Gucci Westman amongst others.

Everything about the collection just screamed that McCartney was always ahead of the curve, in fact that she always set the trends – from the chunky perspex jewellery to oversized coats and crazy bright shoes.It was quite androgynous but at the same time I think most women would struggle to find something they wouldn’t wear regardless of their personal style; it was such a visually appealing and flexible collection.I think the reason her designs work so well, this presentation being no exception, is because as Stella McCartney once said she designs what she wants to wear. And she looks really hot all the time.

It was difficult to pick my favourite three looks out of them all, but I did it. I got there in the end.


I can’t tell whether I love this so much because I love capes, Givenchy-esq print and pattern, or because I love black ankle boots. For me, black ankle boots and a cape are an essential wardrobe item. I know a cape being a must-have seems a bit silly, but they look chic that as soon as you put it on you look like a Parisian goddess.



Burgundy, mixing textures, long boyfriend style coats, and cropped statement trousers. I can’t even. Stella you are wonderful.



This dropping of the waistline in skirts and dresses seems to be showing up everywhere now, and it’s slowly growing on me. Again, I get a feeling of Paris in New York with the flirty shift dress of Paris combined with the laid back shape of New York.
What I also think really works throughout the whole of this collection is the natural, fresh-faced hair and makeup the models seem to be sporting throughout; it compliments the fresh and girly pieces so well, and gives us, the non-fashion elite of New York, a real kick of ‘I can so pull this look off too.’

And I know I said I’d try not fan girl but oh my god did you SEE Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2013 Presentation?! Did you?!

I would LOVE to know what you thought of the collection if you’ve taken a look at it. I know I want to own every single piece, but would you?

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