Sponsored Post: Deep Side Part by TRESemmé

Side parts- who knew that changing your face structure could be so easy?

As a straight-down the middle hair part-er (yes, that’s a thing) I had never really embraced the side part until recently. It’s amazing how many things you try when you’re travelling, and don’t have access to your regular hair tools. I mean who really wants to carry around a curling iron in a carry-on? When you travel on a weekly basis for work, every single inch in your carry-on is accounted for. So, naturally, you experiment with different looks to make it look like you actually put effort in.

Side parts are not only super easy to do, and easily dress up a pony-tail or a side braid. Especially when pony-tails and side braids are your go-to looks all the time.

Seriously, part your hair on the side, and add a little red lipstick and you’re all set.

One of my favourite looks is the deep side part with romantic waves. Structured, polished waves, with an Old Hollywood vibe, never go out of style for the red carpet. Perfectly sculpted waves bring the glamorous style of the 40s back to the forefront, while a deep side part adds a dramatic and modern to the look. You can see this particular style all over the red carpet this season. You can twist your hair in a role to get waves for a DIY travel version without the use of a curling iron.

Interested in trying the side part, and want to make sure that you have it under control with excessive use of bobby pins? Check out the video below for tips from the TRESemmé’ stylist who was behind the scenes at NYFW.



This post has been sponsored by TRESemmé but I promise that the love for the side part is all mine.





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