Spark Sessions Workshops!

If you’re following us on Twitter you already know about the fun workshops that Spark Sessions is putting on this year. Spark Sessions is a beauty and fashion blogger conference that was created last year to fill that gap in the Canadian blogging niche. The goal is to help elevate the type of content that we get north of the border, while creating a community that encourages, and grows with the audience.  It all launched with a conference!

This year, however, we’ve taken things a step further, and created 3 full hands-on workshops, along with bringing back the conference.

The Spark Sessions workshops are full day programs that are designed to help bloggers take their content to the next level. Workshops are specifically designed with the attendees in mind, and are intended to teach bloggers specific tips and tricks in a hands-on setting, catering to various experience levels.

Spark Sessions Workshops

On April 5, 2014, the first Spark Sessions workshop will take place: Your Best Shot – Shooting, Styling, and Editing Great Photos. In this one-day workshop, bloggers will learn how to capture incredible looking and engaging photos. In addition to this, bloggers will learn about camera settings, angles, style elements and basic editing using Photoshop to enhance the final image.

This first workshop will be followed by at least two more workshops – the second one focusing  on coding and SEO strategy and the third one focusing on building an attractive and appropriate media kit.

Tickets for the Spark Sessions workshops are $69. To purchase tickets and for more information, please visit

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