SPA REVIEW: Get Cocooned at the Miraj Hammam Spa

If you’re a spa lover like me, look no further. The Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie awaits…and I’m pretty sure it’s the next best thing to taking a vacation.

Situated in the swanky Shangri-La hotel, and from the entrance onwards, the spa exudes an air of exotic luxury. It really does feel like you’ve escaped the city, even though you’re truly still in the heart of it.


A few weeks ago, I went to experience a cocoon body scrub. It’s described as a hydrating treatment that’s deeply nourishing and will leave your skin feeling restored, soothed and velvety. I’m kind of skeptical about wraps in general, but figured why not give it a try.

Miraj Hammam Spa Toronto Review Caccoon TreatmentFrom the onset, I was super impressed as the aesthetician, Amber, explained that Caudalie products are 98% natural. At a time where we care SO much about what we put in our body (and on our skin), this was a win right off the bat. Even the wrap they use (which I’m sure is typically plastic at most other spas) is biodegradable and made of corn husk. How cool is that?Miram_hamman_room

There’s four key steps to the treatment:

  1. Exfoliate. They use these awesome dry brushing mitts to remove all the dead skin cells. This also helps with circulation.
  1. Moisturize. They lather you up with Caudalie ultra rich cream and contouring concentrate. (P.S. – smells live HEAVEN!)
  2. Wrap it up. They get you all cocooned and while everything sinks in, you can melt your worries away by enjoying a lovely scalp massage.
  3. Moisturize again. They apply another layer of body cream to make sure you’re ultra hydrated.

I just love the feeling right after a spa treatment, when you’re a little dazed because you’re so ultimately relaxed. And, even better, I don’t think my skin has ever felt so soft.

Miraj Hammam Spa Toronto Review Caccoon TreatmentI’m sure this would be especially great in the winter or even as we head into fall to give your skin some extra TLC as the season changes.

Treatments are available:
Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) $155
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays $165

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