Seven Money-Saving Hacks for Your Orlando Vacation

You have fond memories of yearly trips to Disney World with your parents. How can you afford to treat your own children to the same magical experience you remember? Read on to find out.

Seven Money-Saving Hacks for Your Orlando Vacation

Avoid the Peak Seasons

As with any other tourist spot, traveling to Orlando during the off-season will save you big on hotel rooms and more. While Orlando enjoys warm weather year-round, the fall and late winter to early spring seasons are still considered off-peak. To get the cheapest rates, arrange to visit during the months of January and February or August through October.

Look for Disney Discounts


Although Disney isn’t too keen on letting potential guests know about discounts, they do exist if you know how to find them. One way is to simply phone up Disney customer service and ask the representative for discounts. Another way is to search the Internet: Google is your friend. Use it to find websites such as, which has pages of information on Disney savings.

Book Your Own Trip

While travel agents are knowledgeable and convenient, they also add service fees and other expenses into the total cost of your vacation. Avoid these added costs by going online and doing the work yourself.

Volunteer Your Way to Discount Tickets

According to the folks over at, volunteering some of your time while you’re there can land you discounted — or even free — theme park tickets. You can do this by taking part in Disney’s Youth Education Series (Y.E.S) program. Upon signing up, you’ll get to pick which theme park discount packages you want. These include multi-day passes and tickets that let you visit different parks on the same dime.

Rent a House

If you have a large family, then you’re better off renting a house off Disney property. Avoid having to book two rooms by finding a rental house nearby. Rental costs are surprisingly reasonable for large three bedroom homes with pools, large kitchens, barbecues, and more. Staying in a rental home has the added benefit of allowing you to cook your own meals, saving you big on food costs.

Transportation Options

If you live close enough to Florida, it’s worth it to drive there rather than fly. Once you’re there, however, make use of the free transportation options to get from your hotel to the various theme parks. Parking is always a nightmare in those huge parking lots, and it’s really unnecessary.

Souvenir Plan

Before you leave home, sit your children down and explain the trip budget to them. Show them how much you’ve allocated for buying souvenirs, and let them ask questions. Let them choose just one must-have purchase. This will not only save you money, it will also make for a much more harmonious trip overall.

You can make your children’s Disney dreams come true. A trip to Orlando on a budget is doable with a little foresight and planning.


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