We might remember when we ran a contest last month to give away 20 lucky readers the chance to try the Schick Intuition razor, and give us their reviews for a chance to win a $100 VISA Giftcard. We’re big fans- and love the fact that it’s all we have to carry when we travel. And putting our money where our mouth is, we wanted to hear what others thought of it.

We sent them out 2 weeks ago, and have just started getting all the feedback that we’ve pulled together below. We posting them all- just so you have a idea of what others think so you can make an informed decision. Hopefully it makes your next buying decision easier.

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I liked the light scent & how it leaves my legs soft & silky. It didn’t dry out my sensitive skin. Perfect for traveling! No shaving cream needed so one less container to fit into the 1 quart bag. I brought this on a weekend getaway & the razor was all I needed.- Eileen

Thank you for the opportunity to try the Schick Intuition Razor. I love the idea of not having to worry about shaving cream when I want to shave and applying moisturizer after I am done. This baby does it all so I can cut back on the clutter in my shower. The four blades allowed for a super close shave and my skin is smooth and silky. I like that I can also hang it on the wall out of the way with the holder complete with suction cup! The handle is large enough that you can get a good grip on it and it will not slip out of your hand. I will be using this product again and again. – Belinda

What I loved about this razor:
~The pleasant scent
~The close shave with no cuts
~It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin
~It’s extremely convenient to use and saves time in the shower.
~It leaves your legs feeling moisturized

The only con to this razor is that I found it a little difficult shaving around the small areas around my ankle with the larger razor. I recommend this razor to anyone, even those with sensitive skin and especially to those looking to save time in the shower/bath.- Angela

I received a Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor free of charge. I love this razor! I love the convenience of not having to use any shaving cream/gel when shaving my legs,as the conditioning bar on the razor does a great job! I used it in the shower,and with water,it became very sudsy,and let me shave smoothly with no knicks or cuts. I have shaved about 3 times so far,and the conditioning bar is still hardly worn down,so I`m thinking it will last a while. I would prefer the razor to be a little smaller though,as I find it a little bulky for my hands..but overall I love it,and will probably purchase it when I need a new razor. It is also great for overnight trips,or short vacations,as you do not need to bring any shaving cream with you,just the razor. I also love the suction cup holder,so I can attach it to my shower wall,and out of the way. It`s great,thanks for the chance to review! – Karla

Thanks again for giving me a chance to try out the Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor. I primarily used this for my legs and underarms. Overall, I loved the convenience of not having to use shaving gel or cream (that stuff can get messy!) and I was surprised at how smoothly the razor glided on my skin without it. I would give this 4 out of 5 stars overall – I docked one star just because I feel that I will go through these blades rather quickly. I do think I will repurchase.- Samantha

Thank you very much for choosing me to review the schick intuition razor! I have always wanted to try this razor. I was amazed at how well this razor works without using shaving cream. Unlike other razors this razor made my skin feel soft and moisturized! I would definitely recommend this razor to my family and friends. – Jenny M.


I’m a makeup artist, and this is perfect for my kit. I don’t have to carry around around a shaving cream with me which helps considering how heavy makeup kit is. This leaves the skin moisturized, and that’s all you can ask for.- Nicola

Thanks for letting me try this! I loved it from the moment that it touched my skin. I was really surprised to see how smoothly it worked in the shower without any shaving cream. My skin felt hydrated, and super smooth.- Vanessa

I’ve been using my razor since I got it in the mail,  and I’m loving all the great things it is doing for my skin. I normally have really really dry  skin but seems to not make it so obvious in case I forget to put moisturizer on.” – Jessica


I received my Schick intuition and have tried it. I am in  love the Schick intuition, it makes my live so much easier, and shaving in the shower a breeze. – Bridget

I’ve been using the Schick Intuition for a few days now, and despite its size, I have to say that I’m really loving how smooth my legs feel. The only thing that I am disappointed about is that the fact the moisture stick doesn’t last very long. – Jas

I was very excited to try the new Schick intuition advanced moisture razor. Can I just say that it smells divine? Because it does. I also really like the size of the razor (random, right?) as it made it really easy to hold. Definitely something I’ll pick up next time. – Sarah


Thank you for the opportunity to test and review the Schick Intuition. I was quite impressed with the razor. I love it! I was a bit skeptical when it arrived as I was worried that the moisturizing solid would be too dry but I found solid around the razor stays creamy. Shaving around my ankles in the past has been uncomfortable but I find the Intuition glides around the ankle bones easily. I like that I don’t have to fuss with shaving creams or lathering up my legs. With the Intuition I just grab it, shave and done.  No fuss. I will be buying refills for this razor.  No more using my husbands razors for me. – Debbie

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write the review. We used,( as the review has zero impact)on to pick a winner. Congrats, Sarah! 

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