Rome and Vatican City

Ah Rome — the Eternal City!

Rome is one of those weird cities for me — I knew it existed, I knew the major landmarks but I really had no idea what to expect. New York, Paris, London, Venice — all of these cities are constantly in movies and so, when you visit, you feel like you’ve been before. Rome was… not like that, at all.

That’s not to say that Rome isn’t beautiful — the countryside surrounding the city can be jaw-dropping — and the city is so old that it’s hard to not find beauty everywhere you look.

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Here are some helpful facts about Rome:

  • The metro only has two lines. This will infuriate you if you’re tired and just want to go home
  • You need a map. No exceptions
  • Overall, the city is very walkable and, depending on how you manage your time and energy, get around without the metro
  • The drivers are crazy and you will be nearly run over a few times at least
  • Rome’s economy is tourism based which means there are many different accommodation types, tours, vendors and English-speaking people around
  • Southern Italy is notorious for pick-pockets, so be careful!
The Colosseum
Vittorio Emanuele monument
Castel Sant’Angelo
A random obelisk — the city is FULL of them!
The Pantheon. Built in 126AD and still standing!
The Arch of Constantine
Trevi Fountain (it’s *enormous*!)
A lovely ceiling in the Vatican museum
The Vatican (you can see personnel setting up for the Pope’s last speech last week!)

Have you ever been to Rome? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?

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