Review: The Beauty Room Toronto

[title subtitle=”How my manicure at The Beauty Room was actually my “Monday-cure””][/title]I was taking the streetcar to The Beauty Room at 39 Mowat Avenue on a particularly grey Monday. It was slushy outside and everyone seemed relatively miserable. The day seemed pretty rubbishy; especially since I was wearing ankle booties with thick socks that were chaffing. These are the tell-tale signs that tis’ the season to be in a “winter funk”.

I crossed King Street and walked down to my destination. I stepped into an open-concept salon, equipped with exposed wood, white décor and a flood of natural light. The owner, Amanda, greeted me like we were lifelong friends that watch Sex and the City together and her puppy was the cherry on top. Relaxation and comfort: Immediately accomplished. Things were looking up!

The Beauty Room Toronto

I was there to get a shellac manicure and eyebrow-shaping done. I hadn’t done my either in months and they were looking particularly bad. Enter Amanda (part aesthetician, part woman of magic). I was going to see a concert that night and wanted my eyebrows shapely and my digits dark. In 10 minutes my eyebrows were done and I didn’t even sob dramatically.  Amanda was so gentle and explained how she matches brow-shape to face-shape.

Next was the manicure. Amanda mixed a black and red to produce a beautiful and deep purple that I loved. Not only was my manicure perfect, but we also gabbed about concert outfits, our favourite restaurants and good cuticle-care. I was walking away with good nails and a wealth of knowledge! I’m never leaving here, I thought.

When I left my appointment, I felt like I had temporarily stepped out of my winter funk. The ambiance of the salon, the quality of the service and Amanda were all lovely and made my experience at The Beauty Room so memorable. The best part of it all? My shellac manicure lasted four weeks. They did grow out but the actual shellac was in mint condition. I told you she was magic…

The Beauty Room Toronto

(Photo of before & after)

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