Restaurant Review: Cacao 70 (Montreal)

This weekend I met up with my dear friend Jen and we decided to try Cacao 70, a restaurant here in Montreal that recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

The restaurant itself has a bit of a hipster look to it which I quite enjoyed. There are bookshelves along each of the walls and the entire place is covered in jars, bins and bags of chocolate. Needless to say, the place smells awesome!

This is not a place that you come to if you’re just looking for dessert — this is a place that you come to if you want to eat chocolate for dinner. And really? Don’t pretend that you’re too “grown up” to eat chocolate for dinner — that’s just crazy talk.

To start off, I had a frozen hot chocolate. I have wanted to try one of these since I saw the movie Serendipity and it did not disappoint. I literally didn’t take my lips off of that straw until I was done.

Next we ordered our lunch. I was a bit disappointed with my meal but only because  I specifically asked the waiter what a frittata was (because I’m provincial like that…) and he said “it’s all of those ingredients mixed together” and I thought that I was getting a plate of scrambled sausages and tomatoes and instead I got a sausage and tomato omelet. Oh well.

Our meal came with yummy fondue! I think that this should have been brought out after the meal as a dessert but we got it before and it was delicious.

The cost. I think that, for brunch, the price was pretty reasonable. My frittata was more that filling and cost only $13.50. My frozen hot chocolate, at $6.75, may have been a tad pricey for some but once you’re drinking it, you don’t even care about anything anymore. Total with tax + tip: A bit over $25.

(I received no compensation for this review)

Cacao 70: 2087 Ste. Catherine West, Montreal, Québec (between Chomedey and du Fort streets)

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