Planning the Perfect Shopping Trip with the Girls!

With the spring fashions for 2016 starting to appear in the shops, a great way to beat the winter blues could be to plan an epic shopping trip with your best friends, to start building up your wardrobes for spring. Planned well, a shopping day can be a great way to spend some quality time together having fun and trying out new styles, as well as a good opportunity to make some key fashion purchases ahead of the new season.


Here are some tips for making your shopping trip a great experience:

Pick a Great Place to Go

Since you are making a big day out of it, don’t limit yourself to your local high street! Do some research into the best shopping centres or shopping cities within a distance you can reach for a day trip, or, if you want to go all out, book an overnight stay in a nice hotel and make a weekend of it! Going somewhere different will make the trip more special and allow you to go to some shops you might not otherwise have access to. If any of you have a specific style or are looking for something specific like plus size fashion, then it can also be a good idea to make sure you find somewhere that caters to your needs so that everyone has the best chance to find some great stuff!

Avoid Travel and Parking Headaches

Taking one of your own cars is usually a better option as it makes it easier to transport all your purchases back home, however parking can be a bit of a nightmare in some cities and towns. Alleviate these potential problems by checking out Your Parking Space in advance and finding a place to leave your car that is close to the shops. If you prefer to go by train, this can also be a fun option (and of course means you can always have some wine with lunch!), but book trains in advance via The Trainline or Red Spotted Hanky to save money if you are going for a longer journey – those savings can go towards great spring clothing!

Manage Your Time

OK, so a detailed itinerary may not scream spontaneous fun, but to get the best out of your day you should plan a route around the shops to make sure you don’t lose time and get to go everywhere you want. Also, plan to stop for a nice lunch and a couple of coffee breaks to stop shopping fatigue setting in and to give you time to look at your purchases and think over any buys you might be on the fence about!

Don’t try and do too much, or the fun day you had in mind can quickly become stressful, and make sure there is a good balance of everybody looking at the places they want, rather than you all spending the whole trip trying to find Sarah’s dream leather jacket and nobody else buying anything!

Treat Yourself

Remember, you don’t have to only shop during a shopping day! A popular way to relax is often booking a manicure or a pedicure. Treatwell are the leading online website for spa treatments.

A spring shopping trip can be a great way to update your wardrobe and have some fun as winter draws to an end, so why not plan one for one of the coming weekends?



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