Pattern Love

We love patterns on everything. It adds a level of depth thats often lacking in clothing. Pattern, and colour are 2 of the best, easiest ways to create  interest in an outfit. The good news is the that excluding a few instances of utter ugliness, you can blend and combine almost anything together these days.

Some of the top trends this season are ones that are going to stick around so if you’re thinking about adding a bit of visual interest to your wardrobe, try experimenting with the following options.

Camouflage: Yes, this has been around for the last few seasons, and doesn’t show any signs of leaving anytime soon. It’s taken up residence in menswear where its now being combined with neons to give it make current. That doesn’t mean that its being neglected from women’s wear. Diesel has an AMAZING example of camo and lace, and its stunning!

Neons: This trend is everywhere from jewelry to clothing, shoes, and everything in between. It’s being used as the accent piece to add the extra touch and make a bland outfit sing!

Stripes: While this trend is a step away from the  classical nautical pattern that has been around for ages, we’re seeing it make a bigger appearances in everything from bags, to skirts, dresses and tops. Use caution when wearing stripes on your the lower part of your body as it has the ability to make you look bigger. The beauty of this trend is that when combined with subtle uses of neon, it can have a very dramatic effect.

Sequins: This isn’t just for parties, and weddings anymore. Sequins has become part of the everyday attire in a  more casual wardrobe. Dont be afraid to wear a sequin top with boyfriend jeans, heels, and a blazer and heels. The look says put together yet on trend. Plus a little sequin makes every girl happy.

Paisley: This isn’t your grandma’s paisley. It has become mainstream with designers like DAAN making part of their entire collection and updating it along the way. While we don’t recommend wearing it head to toe, it can be worn as the statement for both men and women.




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