Paris Fashion Week Recap: Part 1

Paris Fashion Week may just be the most buzzed about event in fashion season.  The romantic city is the perfect backdrop to host some of the most exquisite and elaborate shows to take place during fashion season. Let’s dive right into some of the highlights of PFW- Allons-y!



This season the Chanel runway show played on the fact that the brand has managed to maintain its international status and continue its global conquest. It case the theme wasn’t obvious enough, the Grand Palais where the show took place, had a massive globe surrounding the runway and Daft Punk’s “Around the World” played as the models strutted down in almost futuristic themed ensembles. This show definitely confirmed (as if anyone doubted him) that Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel most definitely run the fashion world. The edgy schoolgirl chic looks played on the brand’s traditional tweed styles but with a modern flare and twist. The furry helmet hats seem to have replaced last season’s over the top hula-hoop bag in the avant-garde fashion department.

Paris Fashion Week FALL/WINTER13



Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpoalo Piccioli, the creative directors at Valentino, stated “Calvinist simplicity” as their inspiration behind the new Fall/Winter 2013 collection. The collection definitely gives off a puritan vibe, as the models walked down the runway in A-line dresses with white lace high collars. The simple designs in bright red and a beautiful cobalt blue, also give off a Disney princess vibe. Valentino is without a doubt the ultimate fashion house always present on the red carpet during award season, and this new collection will definitely make every girl feel like a princess. The scoop necklines, china print patterns, and black ribbon headbands- this collection was the embodiment of youthful elegance.

Paris Fashion Week 2013

Alexander McQueen:

Sarah Burton latest collection was nothing but extraordinary! The detailing and craftsmanship of this new collection inspired true works of arts. The show’s looks were cut down to only 10 (due to the birth of her twins), but these looks most certainly did not disappoint and the collection came together beautifully. The collection was dubbed “high church”, inspired by Queen Elizabeth I and religious robes and gowns. I absolutely loved each piece from this collection- from the embellishments, to the lace, and the pearls- it was all absolutely breathtaking.


Paris Fashion Week 2013



This was Heidi Slimane’s second collection as new creative director at St-Laurent, also since the brand’s renaming last year. The overall sense of the show seems to have created much confusion, and uncertainty as to whom the brand is trying to reach as its target audience- and if there really are remnants of the YSL brand in this new revamped collection. The theme of St-Laurent fall/winter 2013 collection is a California grunge gal meets street chic. Flannel tops, mixed prints, leather and plaids, and fish net stockings- the collection definitely embodied a more boho laid back chic.




Creative director at Dior, Raf Simons, demonstrated his true artistic nature with the new Dior collection. The show took place at the historical Hotel des Invalides, where the floor was painted with patterns of a blue sky, and giant balloons floated throughout the space, creating a surreal effect. Simon’s collection is inspired by his obsession with Andy Warhol drawings, as many of the looks have printed graphics of Warhol inspired drawings on them. This new collection is the perfect mix of classic Dior elegance with a modern twist. Simons has proven that Dior is a brand able to stand the test of time.


Paris Fashion Week 2013



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  1. What do you think about the YSL collection? it doesn’t look high fashion at all. it looks like someone stole all their clothes, go to Zara and buy all the clearance 🙁 the other shows are beautiful

    Cammi @ Thumble

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