I just finished reading Paris: A Love Story, a memoir by Kati Marton. What I love most about this love story is that it is about all kinds of love, love for Paris, love for Kati’s first and second husband, love for her family, love for her job, and love for herself.

Kati Marton is a journalist and author and I found her memoir to be quite an enriching experience. Her first husband was newscaster Peter Jennings and her second was diplomat Richard Holbrooke and as a journalist herself, Kati lived a wonderfully full and traveled life. After the death of her second husband she is offered a fresh beginning, one full of heartache, that she must challenge with her inner strength.

Paris: A Love Story

Kati’s writing is descriptive and full of emotions. She paints her life as a humble story that revolved around love more so than her job and ambitions — although she made it possible to have it all. What I love about this book is how concise and clear her writing is, how she takes you back in time by quoting from letters to her parents and love letters to her husbands.

“And so began a passionate and tormented love story that lasted fifteen years.” (Page 15)

As you delve into this novel you can’t help but want to experience the kinds of love Kati has, both passionate but one less tormented than the other. You can’t help yearning to walk down the Parisian streets, with the smell of fresh freshly baked bread floating by. You can’t help but want to pick up a pen and write a letter to the love of your life, in hopes that one day you can look back on them and be flooded with memories.

“This is a memoir for anyone who has ever fallen in love in Paris, or with Paris.

PARIS: A LOVE STORY is for anyone who has ever had their heart broken or their life upended.”

Quote from the Simon and Schuster

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