They say that every woman has a signature scent. The one the blends so perfectly well with their body chemistry that it creates something completely different than what’s in the bottle. I know tons of women who have 10-15 different perfume bottles on their tables, and switch easily between then. I, however,  have the mindset that when you find and fall in love with a scent that fully represents you, your job is done. This doesn’t stop me from buying different variations of the same scent. But knowing what you like, and how you can make that scent part of your wardrobe and lifestyle is skill that not many people possess.

It’s strange that most people don’t try this because of the name on the bottle. Take Taylor by Taylor Swift for example. I’ve seen people shy away from it because of the name on the bottom (most of us in our late 20’s don’t want to be picking up the teen’s scent), but it is one that will surprise you.

I tend to gravitate towards muskier scents, and has been the girl who’s combined men’s cologne with a floral scent to “create” my perfect scent. Maybe that’s why, I love Taylor by Taylor Swift. The top notes are lighter, a mixture of fruity, and floral scents, where the base notes are more muskier, with hints of honeysuckle, hibiscus, vanilla, and hints of apple and sandalwood. It’s the perfect combination in my opinion, and one that I’ve been using for the last 4 months. That alone makes it the perfect gift idea for pretty much anyone who likes subtle scents- it has both the floral and the musky smell covered.

That’s one more thing off your list 😉


 Taylor by Taylor Swift

As a result, you get to try the entire Taylor by Taylor collection.

  • ·         Eau de Parfum Spray 50 ml $63.00
  • ·         Scented Body Lotion 200 ml $36.00
  • ·         Scented Hair Mist 150 ml $24.00
  • ·         Eau de Parfum Rollerball 10 ml $23.00

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