Online Dating: What You Need To Know

Are you a woman searching for romance in cyberspace? Finding and attracting the partner you want can feel like a lost cause at times. Luckily, the Review Weekly website staff has gathered some data to help you make yourself more enticing to The One in case you find him.

Would you have guessed that men are significantly more likely to respond to a woman’s profile if she describes herself as physically fit? That was the top phrase in the list given in this infographic about optimizing your dating profile. Other descriptors that increase male interest by 50 percent or more include ambitious, perceptive and passionate. Men were also more responsive toward women who include key topics like yoga, Radiohead, skiing, and NYC in their profiles. The statistics show that words like surfing, sushi, and fashion are important dating buzzwords as well.


A picture is worth a thousand words to a male dater, and the research includes some tips on choosing photos that help to captivate male viewers. Men tend to send private messages to women who make eye contact with the camera and have a smiling or flirtatious expression. Not surprisingly, the data from Review Weekly suggests that showing a little cleavage in a flattering selfie doesn’t hurt your response rate at all. Neither does fudging your facts a bit. Apparently, it’s common for online daters to exaggerate their height and incomes and pass off old photos. For more helpful insights, check out the infographic below and learn how to tweak your profile to get maximum attention online.

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