Obsessions of the Week (Travel Edition)

Whether you’re going away for work or play, packing for a trip isn’t easy. Its always a toss up, and a guessing game of what products you need to bring and what you should leave at home. Let’s face it, hotel soaps, and shampoos aren’t the greatest, and they leave your skin dry and cracked.

I’ve recently discovered some gems that have become part of my carry-on for every trip. I feel better knowing that I’m prepared should something come, and I have a bit of home with me.

Obsessions Travel


Classic Travel Refillable Powder. $22.00 Keep your favorite powder formulas under control with this travel-friendly, refillable brush. A simple twist opens the base container perfect for any powder foundation, blush, bronzer, or shimmer. The soft, luxurious bristles flawlessly blend product into skin and the mirror lid makes touch-ups a breeze. The sleek and stylish packaging fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and inside any purse or travel tote.

Mini Pink Grapefruit Body Butter $6.00. I love everything about this; the smell, the feel, the way my skins feels after. The mini is perfect to toss in your purse of travel bag, and will last you a month at least.

Pink Perfection Slant Tweezer. $22.00 This has quickly become a staple in my bag. Its the perfect angle, and does the trip when strays pop up between threading on the road. I don’t know about you, but I love perfect eyebrows.

Creamy Body Wash Caps $.80 Individually packaged paraben free body wash capsules. These are perfect because you can as many as you need. They come in a variety of different scents.

La Fresh Eco-Beauty Trial & Travel Pack, Multipack $5.25 This lovely pouch has everything from Waterproof Makeup Remover, to Oil-Free Face Cleanser, Scented and Fragrance-Free, Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover, Instant Body Soother, and Healthy Hand Sanitizer.


Do you have any travel faves that you would add to the list?

  1. Love your selection. I would also add antiseptic hand-wash (that you can use without water) and I also like to take a small scented candle to burn in my hotel room; makes me feel like it’s my space then 😉

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