Obsessions of the Week (INTERN Edition)

Nella Bella Armoise Nu Nylon Supreme Black ($99.00)

I treated myself to this wonderful bag after I got the news that I would be interning at Random House of Canada for three months. As a commuter from Bolton, this chic and stylish bag has been nothing but efficient. I can fit EVERYTHING I need comfortably, with a bit of room to spare. It’s light, durable, cleans easily, has a gorgeous purple lining, is made with vegan material, and Nella Bella is a Canadian brand.

Armoise D013 Nu Nylon Supreme Black $99


David’s Tea Coffee Pu’erh (7.50 per 50g) and Timolino Travel Mug (29.50)

As most interns understand caffeine is a asset to your day but since I don’t want to overload on coffee or high-fat lattes, I’ve taken to joining the David’s Tea bandwagon in the hopes of finding a healthier caffeine kick. Coffee Pu’erh is my new favorite tea; it’s got a great coffee flavor with the added bonus of chocolate, caramel, and almonds. Plus it’s a pu’erh tea which means it aids digestion.

The Timolino travel mug is light, beautiful, durable, and with the removable infuser inside it makes drinking tea in the office and on the commute easy!

David's Tea



Christian Lacroix Papier Notebook ($12.00-$30.00)

I was given this beautiful, durable, and tres chic notebook from my sister (who received it as a gift at a shower). It’s been my constant companion since my internship started. It’s perfect for writing notes in meetings or writing drafts for my next blog post.



Essie – Ballet Slippers ($8.00)

I work a lot with books, manuscripts, and mailing lists – and it can be tough on your nails believe it or not. I’ve been using this polish for the past week and I love it. It’s a beautiful pale pink with a little sparkle to it. It’s subtle, matches with every outfit, and (most importantly) you can’t really tell if it gets on the manuscripts.

Essie Ballet Slippers

The Aftermath by Rhidian Brook ($22.95) Out May 7, 2013

Every publishing intern/commuter needs a good book to get through the half-hour subway ride and this week I’m reading an ARC of The Aftermath. I LOVE historical fiction and it’s been a while since I’ve had to MAKE myself put down a book. I’ve nearly missed my stop everyday this week because of this fascinating novel. It’s the kind of novel that allows you to fall in love with the story, while constantly being intrigued by the different dimensions of each character. You can check out the synopsis here 

The Afthermath Book Review


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