Obessions of the Week! (Easter Edition)

Its been a while since I’ve done one of these, and its not for the lack of trying or having new things to share, but the lack of time that allows me to sit down in front of my laptop and gush about products that I’m in love with.

I may have mentioned this numerous times, but having sensitive skin means that I have to slowly introduce new products into my skincare routine and monitor it closely to make sure that I don’t react. Once I find something I love, I tend to buy it bulk. This is why some companies have marketing items to give away to promote your brand with promotional items.  This is the best way I know to get others to try things that I found and loved.

Nella Bella Wristlet

Nella Bella

I had the pleasure of going to the Fall Launch for this fab brand, and fell in love with the purses. I normally look for anything can fit my laptop, Ipad, 3 cell phones, 2 planners, a very thick wallet, possible a change of shirt (as I spill things on myself quite frequently) and a variety of other random gadgets and products. Finding the balance between looking put together and like a bag lady is a difficult, but the new Nella Bella line hit the nail on the head.

Not only is the brand Vegan, but the designs are amazing, and it carries various sizes ranging from clutches to oversized bags. I am currently in love with the POPPY Nu Snake Canvas wristlet that I have in my possession. It fits my Iphone, Blackberry, 2 keys and a few cards. I can not describe the sense of freedom that comes with it, nor can I describe how great it feels to let my friends know that Vegan doesn’t mean boring.


Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory Soap and Glory










I’ve been using the new Soap and Glory line for about a month now. I cautiously introduced each product into my skin care routine just to make sure that I can pinpoint if/when any reactions occur. While The Righteous Butter smells great, it was a tad too greasy for my skin. That turned out to a great thing since my sister “borrowed” it without asking and has no plan to return it.

My absolute favorite product from the  New Frutigo line is the Pulp Fiction Body Scrub . It smells GREAT with subtle hints of fig, and orange oil, and its a clay-based foaming body scrub. Yep, it foams.  I’m using it every other day in the shower, although it is gentle enough to use daily. My skin has never felt smoother. $20.00 available in April.

The biggest surprise for me from the line was the SEXY Mother Pucker Extreme-Plump. It reminded me of the the Lip Venom craze that was really big a few years ago. I remember loving the tingly feeling on my lips, and seeing instant results. This is something very similar. You can instantly feel your lips buzzing,  and getting slightly inflated, and the shine lasts a few hours with the stickiness that normally accompanies products like this.  I liked the fact that I can use it on top of my regular lipstick as well.

Quo Touch of Pearl Brush Set

Quo Touch Of Pearl Brush set

I’ve been in the market for a new brush set to take on the road with me. Having spent a few hundred on my Mac set, I can’t justify picking and choosing random ones. The new Quo  Touch of Pearl line is fabulous and comes with a great makeup bag. I’ve using the Blush and Powder Brushes everyday now, and I love them. They are soft, and don’t hold on to too much powder when applying. The eye shadow ones is great for blending, and it makes me want to bust out my bright eyeshadows more often.  They are easy enough to clean and the quality is very comparable to the higher ends one that I own. You can’t go wrong with $55 for 9 brushes.  Quo is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Secret Hosiery


While I tend to wear pants more than dresses or skirts, I found this past winter, and know that the upcoming spring will be different. As such, hosiery has become a regular part of my wardrobe. I was sent a few different styles from Secret to try, and have to say that I loved them. While Secret’s Candy Shop collection of capris didn’t really meet my needs, the English Tea Party collection including Bows and Dot pattern were right up my alley. They are the easiest way for me to dress up a work outfit, and add a bit of flare to it.

While having patterns is great, what I found really versatile was the In the Buff collection. It is exactly how it sounds. I wear Nude almost daily, and at $12.50 a pair, I’ve already picked up a few extra pairs.





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