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Like thousands of women up and down the country, dying my hair at home is always a total disaster. It’s not the colour that’s the problem, but the actual application. I usually end up with dye running down the back of my neck, splashes all over the bathroom and colouring just about everywhere apart from my hair.


So, I’ve finally found one that’s a bit easier to use and thought I’d share the good news with my lovely readers. Nice ‘n Easy Colour Blend Foam claims to be able to offer a non-drip foam for ‘no mess application’.


How it works?

The hair dye comes in 46 different shades, from extra light blonde to black. The kit contains the Colour Blend Formula, Activator Bottle and two sachets of conditioner (which is good because I always like to give my hair a good conditioning after dying it). All you have to do is pour the formula into the activator bottle and gently rock from side to side – easy peasy.


Then you add the cap onto the bottle to create the foam and apply just like you are shampooing your hair. I actually thought it would be too good to be true, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t dripping all over my bathroom floor.


It was also much easier to apply. Although I wouldn’t say it was quite like shampooing, I’ll give all credit to Nice ‘n Easy as it did make the whole experience much easier.


Oh, another thing I loved about it was that it didn’t leave the tell-tale signs of dying on my forehead – bonus!


The two sachets of conditioner did come in handy as my ends had become really frazzled from too much straightening (and dying!), but a couple of washes with the conditioner and I was left with glossy locks.

Nice and Easy Review

The verdict?

I usually dye my hair with my friends because of the mess it makes. The time it takes to plan and organise hair dying evenings means that I usually end up with roots for longer than I’d like. The foamy consistency of the colourant means that I can now actually dye my hair myself. I’ll probably miss my nights with my girls, but I’m sure we’ll find another excuse!


Have you tried the Nice ‘n Easy foam hair dye yet? Do you think it’s easier to use than the usual stuff?

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