NESPRESSO VERTUOLINE : The Best Tool for Productive Mornings

Mornings are hard. Early mornings are even harder.

Not everyone is a morning person, and trying to have extremely productive days when you get more done at night is a tough gig for most people.

We’ve been there. Our most productive hours are between 10pm and 4am. That said, not everyone works on our schedule, and learning to make your days just as productive is key to getting ahead.


Get the right caffeine fix: You know you need it.

Think of it as your helper buddy to not only wake you up, but give you a boost that you need to keep moving. Most at-home brewers normally don’t get the job done and don’t taste that great- but you’re in luck with Nespresso Vertuoline. Not only does it brew some of the best tasting magic

As the VertuoLine’s drinks start as espresso based it can brew some of the best tasting magic elixir (coffee) with beautiful thick crema, and do really quickly and with very little work. My coffee is ready in pretty the same amount of time that it takes me to boot up my laptop. Seriously, it’s ready to use in 15 to 20 seconds.


The Nespresso VertuoLine has 4 capsules for espresso and 8 capsules for coffee which means that you can get the extra jolt of caffeine if you need an espresso instead. The good news here? You only need to press one button- it’s smart enough to read the capsule and provide the best settings for the type of brew that you want.

The best of part of is the coffee is drinkable right away as it’s a drinkable temperature due to the amount of crema. No more burnt tongues.

If you’re anything like us, having something like Nespresso VertuoLine in your kitchen means that you’re not stumbling around looking for something to wake you up. You can spend that time checking your email, making a list of your to-do items for the day, doing your makeup, or catching up on the current events.



Not everyone can read the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times before 8am, it’s not going to happen, but going to bed with a game plan, and getting a little help in the morning with the right caffeine fix makes all the difference in the world.



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