Movember Accessories

Its November again. The month where perfect handsome men attempt to grow hideous moustaches in order to raise money. Don’t get us wrong, we love the raising money part, just not the hairy faces part.

Since its inception in Melbourne a few years ago, Movember has grown to a movement where more than 1.9 million men and women participate. In 2011, the campaign raised over $125.7 million dollars.

Yes, its big business, and they support a variety of men health organizations.

So in honour of Movember, we put together some of our favourite accessories.

1. Mini Moustache Stud Earrings – $10

2. The PornStache – $20

3. Cherrywood Moustache Necklace – $49.50 AUD

4. Black Moustache Necklace – $9.50

5. Moustache, Glasses and Hat Necklace – 5.99 GBP


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