Montreal Fashion Week, Day 2: Nisse

The Nisse show was amazing and had me lusting after many of the coats that she featured. I do have to get one thing out of the way…

Desginers. Please stop it with the lace and the military-inspired outfits (aka, the Kate Middleton effect):

nisse6 nisse8







Here is my favourite coat from the collection. I am partial to trenches though and, seeing as I live in Canada, a woolen trench screams to be in my wardrobe. Plus, this one has huge pockets for all my stuff (technically, you are meant to put things pockets of women’s clothing but I dislike carrying a purse so much that I’m willing to look a bit awkward to do so)


Perhaps you’re interested in something a little fancier? Any of these would make the perfect coat for date night:

nisse4 nisse5 nisse3







Finally, the two must haves of the collection:

This black, off-kilter belt:


and, this adorable grey wool and black leather piped skirt:


Still more of Montreal Fashion Week, Day 2 to come!

All images are via MFW

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