Minimalist Wallets

Inspired by the ever lovely Everyday Minimalist, I’ve decided to do a list of classy, minimalist (yet stylish) ways to carry your cash and cards.

My go to “wallet” since, at least 2006, has been this little number that I found in a shop in Ottawa (mine is red)

Pros: It fits into my pocket, it’s lightweight, it’s sturdy (has your wallet from 2006 lasted this long?)

Cons: Coins. OMG, the coins go everywhere. Also, most people think that it’s a cigarette case O.o’

When I got an iPhone in 2009, I decided that carrying a wallet and a phone was too bulky (never mind the fact that I was doing so before I got an iPhone…)

I bought this…

… and it lasted me about a week. Maybe some people would find this case to be practical but I hated that I had to keep flipping my wallet open to use my phone.

Pros: An all-in-one phone, wallet

Cons: Again… The coins! Where will I put my coins!

Finally, I have found the solution. While this wallet still doesn’t allow me to carry coins in any organized manner, I am able to check my phone on-the-go without having to open my wallet up for the world to see.

Pros: Less hassle to check phone, less bulky than the previous all-in-one

Cons: It only has two card slots which means that I can carry a max of three cards and no cash. For a quick trip to the grocery store though — what else could I ask for?



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Card holder, iPhone folding case, iPhone window case

  1. That 2006 wallet is freakin cool, dude. Not polka dots for me obviously, but black or brown woudl be cool. And it does look like a cigarette case for when you wanna look as cool as a smoker but not get the black lung. 🙂

  2. I’ve been wanting to buy the iPhone all in one wallet case, but every time I try to order it online it’s sold out. Maybe it’s a good thing though, since you didn’t like opening all the time just for the phone. And then there’s the coin situation. But I plan to use it on short trips like to the gas station or grocery store, or when I’m at an amusement park for the day or something like that. Thanks for the suggestions, I’m all about having a minimal wallet!

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