LUC-CO Fish Hook Earring Converters – A Review

Every Fashionista loves pairing the perfect accessories with an outfit. How fabulous would it be to be able to create a new pair of earrings in minutes? With the Fish Hook Earring Converters from LUC-CO Inc. it’s simple to make a stylish pair.

With the Earring Converters no tools or jump rings are needed to put the earrings together – just slide the items on and the pair is ready to wear. Items can be easily removed to make new creations over and over. Just think – create a new pair of earrings quickly for any outfit, and design new earrings as often as you want! Use beads, vintage found items, pieces off of existing or broken earrings, buttons, and more, to slide onto the Converters.

Stud earrings can be made into hook earrings by sliding studs into the Post Earring to Fish Hook Converters. With these there’s no need for earring backings because the hooks have them attached.

The Fish Hook Earring Converters and Post Earring to Fish Hook Converters are gold or silver plated, lead safe, and nickel free. These two styles are $5.00 for two pairs, and there are other Earring Converter styles available as well. Take a peek at LUC-CO Inc. for Earring Converter style options.

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