Look Chic For Less

There’s no doubt that it’s not cheap to stay on top of trends, but what woman doesn’t want to look good and spend less?

Here are a few tips on how to look just as chic as always, but spend less money doing it.


Pair High End Clothing With Generic Jewelry

While diamonds are good (great!) they’re expensive. And they don’t’ always complete a look. Claires, Target, and Walmart are your best friends for completing a look for less. Pair some higher end clothing pieces with some inexpensive jewelry and accessories.




Take Care of Your Clothes

There’s nothing less chic than a wrinkly top or a jacket that has piled. Take care of even inexpensive clothes, and they will look better on you.



Have a Few High End Staples

Ensure your closet is well stocked with some higher end staples, such as a blazer and a dress, and some good quality but inexpensive items. You can pair an H&M tee with a pair of jeans and a higher end blazer for a high end look without breaking your budget.

jeans blazer

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