London Fashion Week Spring 2014: Topshop Unique

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Topshop is a powerhouse brand taking over the world of ready to wear retail fashion but this doesn’t mean that their Topshop Unique collection isn’t edgy. The Topshop Unique Spring 2014 London gal is a rockstar party girl of the ’90s who looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw on the first clothes she could find (AND manages to still look hot!).

Yes, this messy dishevelled look actually works and makes you wish you know how to look so free spirited and relaxed without trying too hard. The hair and makeup team also got the dishevelled “I ‘m too cool for school” memo, as the models sported messy hair and smudged makeup (I don’t care if you are Kate Moss, the whole racoon eye mascara thing doesn’t look good on anyone). Other than that, geometric prints are definitely back and the oversized poncho may just be the latest spring craze!

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