Kim K pregnant with Kanye’s Baby.

So I went to twitter last night and posted this fun tidbit purely as a joke. Turns out a lot of people care. I mean A LOT.

So here is it. KIMYE IS HAVING A BABY.

Kanye announced it at a concert last night. The crowd went bananas (I can say bananas because its 11 am, and I’m eating one), and the internet went nuts, too. Then E! Online announced it, then Kourtney K announced it, then I announced. We’re on the pulse of all that is hip and cool here at CD.

Here are some pics to make you happy while thinking about how the Royal Baby is still way better, and how its about to get awkward since Kim is still married to former Toronto Raptors-current -other-team-player, Chris.

There are a ton of inappropriate jokes that I can make here, but for the sake of staying PG on a Monday, we’ll leave it at that.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

PS. Happy New Year! Go do something non-Kardashian related!

Source: via jessica on Pinterest



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