Keeping Long Hair Cool in the Summer

I have long hair, which in the summer gets hot, matted, and just generally sloppy looking.

I also have that type of hair that, when you throw it up into a ponytail, it looks like I just rolled out of bed (but not in a good way). In the name of reducing sweck (sweaty neck) and and keeping my hair out of my face, I’ve been spending some time trying to figure out how to make my hair both look put together, and feel cooler and less restrictive. These suggestions are also great for second day hair.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

The Sock Bun

I’m trying to figure out what human females did prior to the sock bun. Second day hair never looked so put together and professional before the sock bun. And really, who doesn’t love the thought of having a sock in their hair, secretly?

I stumbled across the sock bun on Pinterest last year and it’s now a regular fixture on my head. Probably once every two weeks I’ll sport one, and the only reason I don’t wear one more is because I do a lot of driving and having a big bun on the back of my head kind of hurts my neck when I’m driving.


The Braid

I love braids. I find them so easy, and they successfully get everything into one, streamlined package of cuteness.

There are, of course, variations of the braid, such as french braid (great for work) and fishtails (which I have no idea how to do).

Low, Side Pony

The low side ponytail can look really cute, and it doesn’t look sporty like it’s higher counterpart.

The best part about the low/side ponytail is that you can make it look fun by wrapping your hair around the elastic, tying it in a fun knot like the picture above, or backcombing the base of the pony to look a little messy.


How do you keep your long hair off of your face and neck in the summer?


  1. have you ever been on a website and wanted to support it but just know that it’s not for you? I love your guys’ site and am glad you got it going, but when I read above about socks in girls’ hair … ??.. I just got confused. You all look beautiful with all your weird voodoo tricks, now I gotta go do something manly. Like hammer something or weld or something. 🙂

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