Kate Spade in Toronto? Yes, please

There is something sophisticated about Kate Spade that you can’t find in other brands. It’s polished and makes the wearer feel put together.

The first time I bought something (a wallet) from Kate Spade was in New York a few years ago. I loved that wallet, and quickly became a favorite among my friends. Kate Spade was the brand that everyone wanted, but because it wasn’t in Canada, they found it hard to acquire, thus allowing me to feel better about my wallet. As time went on, my love for the brand grew. They is a simple elegance to the products that is rare in the industry right now. Everything else is bling-ed out, while KS stands out with their vibrant use of colour and design.

Even though I visit NYC a lot recently, I haven’t had the chance to stop by the Kate Spade store. Part of it is because I feel guilty going without my sisters who love the brand more than I do. So imagine my surprise and excitement when I heard that the first KS Canadian store will be opening in my neck of the woods. If you’re a lover of the brand, and wanted to pick something great and elegant, I suggest you run, not walk, to Yorkdale mall.

The store is located near Holt Renfrew, and is a sight for sore eyes. My sister was happy as a clam there, and walked away with a gorgeous pink wallet, a purse and some bracelets.

Oh, and this is my next purchase. I’m going through a blue phase.

Kate Spade

  1. I HATE YOU.

    No.. I don’t really, but OMG. I was doing SO WELL psychologically before I read this post that Kate Spade is in Toronto.

    You have no idea how much I’ve been lemming after this one scarf of hers….

  2. Gorgeous bag. I had never heard of Kate Spade until it hit Holts in Montreal (I must live under a rock, I know). I like KS designs much more than Michael Kors, so I think it may be a brand a check out when I am looking for a new bag.


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