Introducing Matérialiste from Kérastase PARIS

I have pretty thick hair- the kind that needs me to go see a hairdresser every 6 weeks so they can thin it out, and make it manageable. As a result, my hair is worn in a braid or a top bun most of the time. My sisters, however, are not as cursed blessed with the same hair type, and need something to give their hair texture otherwise their braids fall flat and loose within an hour or so. Being the one who normally spent her time braiding their hair, I can only begin to describe how disappointing it was.

Matérialiste from Kérastase PARIS, Watercolour lips

Enter Matérialiste from Kérastase PARIS. This all-over thickening spray uses IntraCylane which is designed to expand the diameter of the hair while making hair look shinier.

Matérialiste from Kérastase PARIS

I love when technology and science come together and solve problems. I mean, a spray-gel that makes your hair thicker, and shinier? What else would you want?

Oh, wait? How about a book that teaches all sorts of braids? Yep, they have you covered there, too. To help you get the most out of Matérialiste from Kérastase PARIS, you can now get your hands on The Couture Book of Braids. 

Matérialiste from Kérastase PARIS

For a limited time you can download the  full e-copy of the book of braids & automatically be entered to win a Materialiste tote filled with braiding must-haves as featured in the book of braids.

The book is full of great ideas and tutorials for easy to do braids including my favorite:BAT_Kerastase_Book of Braid_20,32x20,3244

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy here! 



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